Transitional Lenticular Bitcoin 'The Times' Chancellor On Brink / BItcoin Quantum Leap, Limited to 21

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This limited lenticular piece is hand signed and numbered on the back of the artwork and then pre-installed inside of a 1-inch, matte black frame with a polycarbonate outer display. Scroll below the GIF to read more about this unique item!

 The first image, which features the historical article from the Bitcoin Genesis Block, 'The Times, Chancellor On Brink Of Second Bailout For Banks', transitions into an impressive display of the Bitcoin logo emerging in space.

  • Lenticular Artwork; transitions from one image to another
  • Measures 19"x27" inches
  • Limited to 21, never to release again
  • Hand signed and numbered on the back
  • Installed inside 1 inch matte black frame (artwork can be removed from frame and changed if desired)