3D Lenticular Bitcoin Kickflip Astronaut, Limited to 10

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This limited lenticular piece is hand signed and numbered on the back of the artwork and then pre-installed inside of a 1-inch, matte black frame with a polycarbonate outer display. 

This piece is 3D!  It's very hard for the camera to capture the 3D appearance of this artwork because the camera lens only has one eye, whereas we have two.  In person, the stars are set in the background, with the Astronaut centered in the foreground, giving it a 3D appearance.  The skateboard is also positioned in front of the astronaut, appearing to pop out of the artwork.

  • 3D Art - Stars are set in background, Astronaut in foreground, and skateboard 'pops out' of the art
  • Measures 19"x27" inches
  • Limited to 10, never to release again (one size only)
  • Hand signed and numbered on the back
  • Installed inside 1 inch matte black frame (artwork can be removed from frame and changed if desired)