Bitcoin Time Preference, HODL Crypto Limited to 21

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HODL Crypto presents a beautiful new piece - Time Preference!  This piece is limited to x21 canvases and x21 metal panels. 

The time on the dial represents being in the middle of the '11th hour' of the old money system that BTC was designed to replace.  'The eleventh hour' - "The last possible moment that you can do something, especially prevent something bad from happening."

Please note that the canvas size is a square 30"x30" inches whereas the metal panel is 20"x30" inches.

Medium Differences:

Metal Panels are printed onto metal and coated with a high-gloss, reflective coating.  They are hand signed and numbered on the back.

Canvases are hand stretched and mounted around a wooden frame and include a hand signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Please ensure you choose your desired medium.

Check out this GIF of the metal panel medium below: