HEX Citadel Metal Panel

Limited to 12

Regular price $1,499.00

In the not-too-distant future, HEX has taken the World by storm and has created its own democracy, and its own city, free from oligarchs and centralized control.   

 Introducing the HEX Citadel. 

This piece features two unique QR codes that, when scanned, link to the hex website as well as an interview with Richard Heart.  Display this unique piece on your wall and when guests come over and ask "What's that?", just simply tell them to scan the QR codes which will lead to a fantastic conversation.

This metal panel measures 24"x36" inches and is limited to 12, hand signed and numbered on the back.  Our metal panels are treated with a high-gloss coating giving them a deep, vivid reflection.  They are secured with 1/2" inch wood spacers on the back and are ready to hang (mounting hardware is included). 

Proceeds from this piece will go towards printing thousands of 11"x17" inch prints that we will be giving bulk amounts to community influencers to spread the word of HEX, as well as free prints that will be claimable here on the Lynx website.