Market Maker Bitcoin Artwork, Limited

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A brand new exclusive art piece from HODL Crypto!  Introducing "Market Maker"
This piece is highly limited - 3 metal panels and 10 metallic prints, never to release again on any other medium.  Metal panel measures 20"x30" inches and offers a very vivid and deep reflection.  They include 1/2" wood spacers to allow them to sit away from the wall and they are ready-to-hang.  Metallic prints offer a near 3D appearance.  Both panels and prints are hand signed and numbered on the back.
This piece has two unique features - 
1) Symbolizes the role of market makers, hovering over the bids and asks in a pose that emits a sense of calm control.
2) Pays homage to the creator of Bitcoin and the crypto market using Satoshi Nakamoto's most remarked quotes in a sequence that tells a story about bitcoin in his words from the Genesis block to the early days, fundamentals, and speculating on the future of adoption and crypto economics.