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SKU: FUTURESETOF9 Futuristic Planet Series Poster Collection, set of 9, PRINT Format

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In the year 2522 mankind has pushed boundaries one could only dream of.  This collection features a retro vintage approach to space travel.  You can experience a 14-day trip to Neptune, admire the beautiful views of Uranus, or colonize Mars. Enjoy your Venus apartments in the sulfur clouds thousands of feet above the gas giant - or stare at the awe of our previous home - Earth. 

This is a set of NINE posters from our Futuristic Planet Series.  Each individual print measures the size of your choice.  Example:  If you order the set of 9 11"x17" inch prints, each single poster measures 11"x17" inches.  Each poster is printed on 100 lb polar white photo paper with a sharp crisp appearance 100-year archival.