Banksy Shredded Bitcoin Dreams


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A Lynx Art Collection first - and maybe even an art first?!  We wanted to combine both a physical medium alongside an NFT!

This set of TWO prints AND NFT is limited to a total of 21, never to be released again.  You read that right - only 21 in the world, no alternates, no variants, only 21!

Did you say NFT?!

We did!

How it works:

When purchasing this product, you'll receive two physical prints - both prints shown in the image (there is no frame included - that's how the actual print looks).  Each print measures 24"x36" inches, printed on 100 lb archival photo paper.  All prints are hand signed and numbered.  Each print includes a QR code.  When scanned, the QR code will direct you to the GIF NFT where it is living currently on OpenSea.

After completing your purchase, e-mail your Ethereum wallet address to:

We'll cover the ETH gas price and send you the NFT associated with whichever number you purchased. 

You are then welcome to HODL it or sell it on the secondary market.

  • Set of 2 Poster Prints
  • Each print measures 24"x36" inches
  • Shredding art GIF version as an NFT
  • Limited to 21 poster sets and 21 NFTs
  • Never available again
  • NFT will never release again
  • Must purchase physical set to receive NFT - they are linked.
  • 100-year, 100 lb archival photo paper.

*Purchasing this set will also give you exclusive access to our 'Tulips NFT' Discord channel to learn about our first up-and-coming (unrelated) mintable Tulips NFT where you'll be placed on our list to gain first access to pre-order!