Bitcoin 1 BTC Physical Bitcoin Wallet (Freedom For All)

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Images show the front as well as the back of the note.

This note is limited to only 50, never to release again.  Hand signed and numbered on the back.  The back leaves an open space in the center to affix your public and private key.  Includes TWO holograms.

This piece measure 2.61 inches by 6.14 inches, the same aspect ratio as Untied States Fiat Currency.

Each note is printed onto a plastic-like material.

These notes are UNFUNDED.  There is NO crypto value on any of these designs.  There are also NO generated keys.  For the utmost privacy and security, we believe you should be in charge of and responsible for your own keys.  Thus, you are welcome to generate your own, affix them to the note, and seal them with the provided hologram, should you choose to do so.  Simply generate a crypto key, print it out to be slightly smaller than the size of our provided hologram, and place it FACE DOWN on the note (with the unprinted side UP).  Then, place the hologram over it. The hologram is tamper-evident so once it is peeled off, it will leave a trace behind showing that it has been peeled.