Bitcoin 10-Year Anniversary Commemorative Edition Metal Wallet, Limited to 100

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This item is now sold out.  We do not do re-releases on our products, but please check back for new designs!

The Bitcoin 10-Year Anniversary Commemorative Edition Metal Wallet is here!  This is the only BTC wallet we will create with the Binary Code cutout background.  It is offered as a special edition release.

This wallet is unloaded; no keys are generated.  For the utmost privacy, users may generate their own keys and affix them with the two provided holograms.

The metal's artwork is laser-engraved and limited to a production of 100.  This metal wallet includes two standard holograms.  These measure the same size as a standard credit card.

The individual metal wallets are not numbered but rather come with a velvet certificate of authenticity that is individually numbered and signed.

All wallets ship inside of a numbered black cardboard sleeve that is secured in a hard plastic top loader for ultimate protection.

Looking to load the wallet?  Here's how to do it:

Generate your own keys and then print them on a regular sheet of paper, ensuring that they are scaled to be smaller than the size of the hologram. Cut out the paper and place it face down onto the back of the metal. Then, peel the hologram and affix it over the paper. When the hologram is peeled, it will leave behind a tamper-evident residue, and the paper will be stuck to the hologram. Just make sure to place the paper's print-side face down onto the metal. Placing it face up will peel the printing of the keys off when peeling the hologram.

Funding and Storage Disclaimer:

Lynx recommends that if the wallets are being funded, they should be stored in an airtight container within a fireproof bag and finally long-term stored within a safety deposit box. These cards are not recommended for daily use and Lynx is not responsible for any funds that are loaded onto the cards at any point any time.  Lynx is not responsible for lost or damaged metal wallets or funds stored on the wallet.