Bitcoin "Lips"

Limited to 18

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Introducing “Lips”, our newest art inspired by golden lips and showcased as a real classic that every #Bitcoin investor will appreciate. The simplicity and boldness of this sensual masterpiece will stand out in any room you choose to display this timeless piece of art. 

This phenomenal art piece combines luscious lips with cryptocurrency that creates an interesting and money-driven art piece. 

Showcase Your Personality & Effectively Focus On Your Goals With Style.

Size Availability:

  • 20"x30" Metal Panel - Limited to 18 
  • 18"x24" Canvas - Limited to 18
  • 24"x36" Canvas - Limited to 18
  • 18"x24" Poster Print - Unlimited
  • 24"x36" Poster Print - Unlimited

The metal panel measures 20"x30" inches and includes 1/2" wood spacers to allow it to sit away from the wall.  Metal panels offer a highly reflective surface.

The poster print medium measures 18"x24" and 24"x36" inches. Our print formats offered on thick cardstock with a sharp and crisp appearance; 100-year archival.

Canvas Features:

  • High-Grade Waterproof & Scratch-Resistant Canvas
  • Fade-Resistant, UltraChrome™ Archival Inks
  • Hand Stretched & Mounted
  • Ready To Hang
  • Hand Signed & Numbered on the back with Certificate of Authenticity

 All the limited pieces are numbered and signed on the back.