Bitcoin Moonwalk Astronaut

LIMITED to x21 Print & Metal Panels, x10 NFTs

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Introducing the Bitcoin Moonwalk Astronaut!  Artwork created in collaboration with artist Devin Schoeffler.  

This incredibly unique piece is available in print format, metal panel medium, and NFT.

It is limited to the following distribution:

24"x36" inch Poster Print:  x21 

20"x30" inch Metal Panel:  x21

NFT:  x10 (#10 of 10 reserved for the team)

Poster print measures 24"x36" inches and is printed on 100 lb, 100-year archival paper, hand signed and numbered.

Metal panel measures 20"x30" inches and includes 1/2" inch wood spacers on the back, ready to hang.  Metal panel is hand signed and numbered and offers a vivid, deep reflection.

It is the year 2040. Hyper inflation has crippled the globe and the economy hangs by a thread. As countries struggle with the threats of currencies being destabilized, they are forced to adopt Bitcoin as a global reserve currency. One astronaut, on a mission to mine Bitcoin from the surface of the moon, enjoys a quick break by performing a moonwalk dance, showcasing the Bitcoin image to the world. Originally photographed in March of 2040 and instantly achieved award for 'trendiest image of the century.'