Chancellor On Brink, Bitcoin Genesis Block, Limited to 21

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We wanted to make something simple and classic that was an immediate reminder of why Bitcoin stands to offer Financial Freedom outside of the Fiat System.

This piece is limited to 21 and available on two mediums (Metallic Print & Metal Panel) with one size only.  Limited wallets will be coming, as well!

Scanning the QR code located at the bottom right of the artwork will bring up the link to the original Times article from January 9th, 2009.

Medium Details:

Metallic Print Format - 

Limited to:  21

Details:  Metallic prints measure 20"x30" inches and are printed on an 80 lb photo paper.  The paper is coated with a high-gloss, reflective finish that offers a near 3D appearance.  Hand signed and numbered on the back.

Metal Panel Format -

Limited to:  21

Details:  Metal panels measure 20"x30" inches and include 1/2" inch wood spacers mounted to the back to allow them to sit away from the wall.  They offer a deep and vivid reflection very similar to an LCD TV screen.  Metal panels are hand signed and numbered on the back.