Cryptocurrency Top 65 Coins/Tokens Art, Metal Panel, Limited to 10

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This piece features a total of 65 cryptocurrency coins and tokens, the top 65 at the time of creation.  You'll notice in the bottom right corner is a Query code (QR code).  If you scan the code, it'll take you to a link on our website that gives you a snapshot from the moment this piece was taken - showcasing all of these coins in their exact order, the marketcap they were at when the snapshot and art were created, and much more information.  This makes for a really fun conversation piece and historical collectible.

Metal panel measures 20"x30" inches.  Made of aluminum, will not and cannot rust!  Pre-installed with 1/2" inch wooden spacers to allow it to sit away from the wall. 

This piece is limited to a production of only 10, never to be produced again.  Each piece is hand signed and numbered on the back.