The Separation of Money And State HODL Crypto Partnership Metal Panel, Limited to 11

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We are pleased to present our latest piece in collaboration with HODL Crypto - 'The Separation of Money And State.'

This metal panel is limited to a production of only 11, never to be offered on this medium again.  Each panel is hand signed and numbered on the back.  Panel measures 20"x30" inch and includes 1/2" wood spacers to allow it to sit away from the wall.  Panels are highly reflective.

The quote created by us and HODL Crypto that is placed in the center of the artwork reads as follows: 

The Freedom to CHOOSE YOUR MONEY is one of the most fundamental freedoms we can have in any free society. When money is used as a form of censorship, it leads to the formation of sovereign entities with immense power and influence over the people through total currency control. Those who control the money devalue it through the intentional inflation of printed currencies, and in doing so, have influenced the perceived value of the people’s time and energy. The issuing power of money should not be controlled by banking institutions, but rather by the people whom it serves. As the people have fallen under the domination of total currency control, they have been crushed under the burden of debt and have long sought after a viable escape. This escape has come in the form of provable and irrefutable math through Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s monetary policy is written in open-source code and it has displaced the banking system’s monopoly on the control of money with a new system of decentralized, censorship resistant, and cryptographically secure currencies. Bitcoin gives people the freedom to transact globally and effortlessly, without the need for a third party control system, fear of censorship, or revocation of rights. When people use Bitcoin, they are choosing a new paradigm which restores the people’s fundamental right to a money free from the control of the state. The time has come for the separation of money and state.