PulseChain Code Metal Panel

Limited to 25

Regular price $999.00

The entire coding of the PulseChain node, as seen here

PulseChain was introduced and created by Richard Heart as a fork of Ethereum, promising faster transactions, lower fees, and energy efficiency.  

This piece is limited to 25, never to release again - no remakes, no additional mediums, etc.  It is printed on our beautiful 20"x30" inch metal panel and treated with a high-gloss coating that offers a deep, vivid reflection.

The piece is ready-to-hang and mounting hardware is included.

Hand-signed and numbered on the back.

(#25 of 25 will be held for Richard Heart)

If you'd prefer to pay with HEX, HEX payment is accepted!  Please send a Twitter message to @LynxCollection

HEX payments can be sent to ethereum address:  LynxArt.ethn