Roots of Energy, HODL Crypto Art Partnership Metal, Limited to 10

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We are pleased to introduce the next release in our partnership with HODL Crypto!

This piece features a variety of beautiful details and workings, such as the quote listed, "The sole source of value is the expenditure of energy by man, machine, and nature."

An adaptation of mystic symbolism to the themes of cryptocurrency; opposing forces and different forms of power, represented by different cryptocurrencies and their corresponding use cases.

This piece is limited to a total of 10 metal panels, never to be offered on this medium ever again.  Each panel is hand signed and numbered on the back.

Metal panel measures 20"x30" inches and incldues 1/2" wood spacers that are mounted to the back to allow it to sit away from the wall.  They offer a very vivid reflection.

Check out this GIF to see just how reflective the panel is: