Solana Whitepaper Metal Panel Artwork

Limited to 17

Regular price $999.00

The entire Solana whitepaper condensed into one single, unique art piece. 

Limited to:  17 (in homage to current price of 170)

Supply available to public:  15

(in homage to the current price of 170).

#16 and #17 will be held in our private library for founders @rajgokal and @aeyakovenko who can claim them for free at any time by contacting us.

Hand signed and numbered on the back.  Metal panel measures 20"x30" inches and is ready for hanging; mounting hardware is included.

The font IS legible in person (9 point font).

This is the FIRST Solana artwork we've ever released and we're so thrilled to join such an awesome community!  SOL is accepted as a form of payment.  At checkout, choose Coinpayments then SOL.