Bitcoin Kickflip Astronaut Animated NFT

Limited to 10

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*This item is an NFT and not a physical product.

The product is limited to 10 and is available for purchase on OpenSea with Ethereum.  If you'd prefer to pay with a credit card or a cryptocurrency other than Ethereum, this page listing is for you.

Simply purchase this listing, e-mail us your ETH wallet address, and we will transfer the NFT directly to you.

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Due to the extreme rarity of this piece, quantities on this page will be meticulously updated.

It is the year 2040. Hyper inflation has crippled the globe and the economy hangs by a thread. As countries struggle with the threats of currencies being destabilized, they are forced to adopt Bitcoin as a global reserve currency. One astronaut, on a mission to deploy the Global Bitcoin Satellite Network (or GBSN), enjoys a break on his skateboard, showcasing the Bitcoin image to the world. Originally photographed in February of 2040 and instantly achieved award for 'most influential image of all time.'

This animated piece is limited to 10, never to be minted or created ever again. No alternates, no duplicates.